Safeguarding Statement

Fledge is committed to safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and considers that their safety and wellbeing is of paramount importance.

Fledge expects everyone who works with children, young people and vulnerable adults to:

  • Be attentive to the needs of children and vulnerable adults, doing whatever is needed to maintain their safety and wellbeing;
  • Treat children and vulnerable adults with respect and dignity, defending their innocence and upholding their trust;
  • Treat everyone in a way which demonstrates their high value as individuals, regardless of gender, background, ethnicity, disability, sexuality or beliefs;
  • Be aware of potential risks to children and vulnerable adults, and do what we can to minimise these risks;
  • Listen to children and vulnerable adults, taking their concerns seriously;
  • Attend appropriate training to understand and be updated on safeguarding practice;
  • Follow the procedures set down below to safeguard the welfare of children and vulnerable adults.

The Safeguarding policy aims to provide a realistic framework upon which Fledge can build safe home environments and offer appropriate support to vulnerable young people and adults. It applies to everyone who works with children, young people and vulnerable adults with Fledge whether they are paid or voluntary (even if they themselves are not yet 18), as well as to the Trustees. A statement reaffirming our commitment to safeguarding will be readopted every year and included in any annual report.

If you have any concerns for a child or vulnerable adult then speak to one of the following who have been approved as safeguarding coordinators for this organisation.

A copy of the full policy and procedures is available upon request.