Volunteering Options

We rely on the work of volunteers. If you feel keen to explore what you could do to support us in this way, please get in touch.

We are always looking for people who have a talent for fundraising and marketing, or would like to get involved in our mentoring programme.

Perhaps you would like to host a fundraising event or take on a charity run for us? Maybe you have a great idea for fundraising that we’ve not even thought of?

For information or to share ideas, please contact us here.

“I have been involved in helping young people in various roles over the years, so offering my time to Fledge was a great way to make a difference. Initially, I started by doing administration, and taking the minutes at the Trustee meetings, but recently I have been visiting the house and facilitating a couple of art sessions for the residents. It’s been great to get to know them and listen to their hopes and dreams for the future. Without a doubt it is a brilliant use of my time and energy and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Sue - Fledge Volunteer

Exciting New Trustee Opportunities

Fledge is looking for some like-minded, motivated and passionate people with fundraising and PR experience to join our Trustee board. This will involve using your experience in fundraising or PR to develop the chairty and help it move forwards in its mission.

The role Fledge has a passionate but small Trustee board and are looking to expand it both in size and expertise. Ideally Trustees would be local to Eastleigh Borough for this role as we meet for meeting and working groups around once a month.

Fledge is growing and, now we are up and running, are learning that we need to develop new projects, employ more staff and develop our existing project. This all requires PR suppoer and funding. Fledge is looking to develop a PR and funding strategy and require skilled individuals to help not only develop it but have an active role in implementing it.

What impact the opportunity will have Fledge is at a crucial point in its growth. We are a very new charity and therefore the trustees, and any new trustees would have a key role to play in the formation of this very exciting venture.

What’s in it for the volunteer? Being a trustee with Fledge brings many benefits. We are learning together as we move forward as a new charity and that experience is challenging and thrilling. You will also witness the positive impact what you do has on the wider outworking of Fledge and the young people we support. The Fledge team are a very friendly bunch and welcome all new faces with excitement.

There may be scope for training as the budget allows around specific need areas relating to the particular trustees skills.

Time commitment Either in or out of office hours

Fledge has evening trustee meetings around once a month. Trustees would be expected to complete any actions from these meetings before the next date.

If you are interested in either a PR or Fundraising role within the Fledge board of trustees, please contact us here.